Camel Trekking 3 Nights in Erg Chebbi

Camel Trekking 3 Nights in Erg Chebbi: A Desert Adventure of a Lifetime


Embarking on a 3-night camel trekking adventure in Erg Chebbi offers an immersive experience into the heart of the Sahara Desert. This journey takes you through the undulating sand dunes, where you’ll witness breathtaking sunrises, sunsets, and connect with the Berber way of life.

Camel Trekking 3 Nights in Erg Chebbi

This carefully designed camel trekking experience promises a blend of desert exploration, cultural immersion, and a deeper connection with the Sahara.

Highlights of the Camel Trekking Experience

From the enchanting Erg Chebbi dunes to the intimate encounters with Berber culture, every moment of this 3-night adventure offers a unique and unforgettable experience:

Arrival in Merzouga

Your journey begins in the charming village of Merzouga, the gateway to the majestic Erg Chebbi dunes. Meet your guide, learn about the itinerary, and meet your camel companions.

Sunset Ride to the Camp

Embark on a sunset camel ride into the heart of Erg Chebbi. As the sun dips below the horizon, the dunes transform into a sea of golden hues.

Traditional Desert Camp

Arrive at a traditional desert camp nestled amidst the dunes. The camp is equipped with comfortable tents, providing a cozy oasis in the desert.

Berber Hospitality

Experience the warm hospitality of the Berber hosts. Engage in conversations, learn about their customs, and savor traditional Moroccan cuisine.

Stargazing and Desert Tales

As night falls, gaze at the star-studded sky unburdened by city lights. Listen to enchanting desert tales and Berber music around the campfire.

Sunrise over the Dunes

Wake up before dawn to witness the Sahara come alive with the first light of day. The sunrise over the dunes is a sight to behold.

Desert Exploration

Embark on guided walks amidst the dunes, learning about the desert’s unique flora and fauna. Discover the intricate ecosystem that thrives in this arid landscape.

Visit to Nomadic Families

Experience the nomadic way of life as you visit Berber families in their desert dwellings. Gain insights into their daily routines and traditions.

Return to Merzouga

After three nights of enchantment, return to Merzouga village with unforgettable memories of your desert adventure.


Q: Is camel trekking suitable for all ages? A: Camel trekking is suitable for individuals of varying ages. However, participants should be comfortable with the physical demands of riding a camel.

Q: What should I pack for the trek? A: Pack comfortable clothing suitable for desert conditions, including closed-toe shoes, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a camera.

Q: Are restroom facilities available during the trek? A: Restroom facilities may be limited in the desert. Your guide will ensure restroom breaks at suitable stops.

Q: Can I ride the camel myself? A: The camels are led by experienced guides. Participants do not need prior experience as the guides handle the camels.

Q: Is the trek available year-round? A: Yes, camel trekking is available throughout the year. The desert’s allure remains captivating in all seasons.

Q: Can I take photographs during the trek? A: Absolutely! The stunning landscapes, cultural encounters, and unique experiences are perfect for capturing unforgettable photographs.


Camel trekking for 3 nights in Erg Chebbi offers an immersive journey through the Sahara’s breathtaking landscapes and Berber culture. From riding atop camels to witnessing stunning sunrises and connecting with desert communities, this experience promises memories that will last a lifetime.

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